Everything is #@%!ed [Book Review]

One of the key tenets that I tell my clients is that you need to be in a good dating state of mind in order to meet someone new.  After reading Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope (which you can purchase by clicking on the book cover and the bonus of fueling this blog), … Continue reading Everything is #@%!ed [Book Review]

A Natural History of Love (Book Review)

Are you ready to learn the history of love and improve your dating game or current understanding the evolution of attraction? Do you love learning through poetry or have interest in the science and neurophysiology behind your desire to cuddle? Then might I recommend picking up a copy of A Natural History of Love: Author … Continue reading A Natural History of Love (Book Review)

Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blonds? [Book Review]

This was one of the most surprisingly informative reads of my summer (click on the link to purchase)!  Not only was this book a simple and fun read, filled with humor and clever stories, it was incredibly well researched and study supported.  Written by a biologist, Jena Pincott's writing style allows you to read from … Continue reading Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blonds? [Book Review]