Sapiens: A Book Review

Making a great first impression is such an important factor in today’s dating world.  And yes, you could chat about what you’re watching on Netflix, by why not wow them, by talking about an incredible book? (which you can purchase right through my site which helps fuel this blog by clicking on the above link)  Sapiens is a very simple read, and I pretty much guaranteed that with the diversity of subjects it touches on you will find something engaging to talk about!

For example, did you know where our monetary system evolved from?  Or how about the ever interesting subject of why Sapiens are the dominant species?  A little too dry for you?  Ok, how about just the wonder of exploring why we even exist and what role Cyborgs could play in our future?

A brief history, will touch on something meaningful to you, and give you ample opportunity to show off your intellect far beyond what the latest episode of Stranger Things will.  This in an honest and thoughtful look at our evolution and asks some pretty open ended questions in the process.

So, if you are ready to stand out, I would highly recommend Sapiens!  And if you really love it, there is a sequel too which I will purchasing shortly!

Happy reading! And of course, happy dating!

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