About K-Ghislaine

I first began my dating journey, which is the inspiration for this site, in 2010 after a long monogamous relationship.  I was very quickly introduced to the concept of non-monogamy and that is where my dating journey began.  After reading Sex at Dawn, and falling in love for the first time in an Open Relationship I saw the need to start writing my adventures. And then sharing them in hopes that I could add insight and share the pitfalls that I encountered while exploring a lifestyle that has become an integral part of who I am today.

With a background in anthropology, history and more than a little fondness for everything Indiana Jones (including some archaeology courses in University) I have a unique viewpoint on how I think humans interact most effectively.  I love meeting new people, and sharing the insight I have learned through online dating, couples interactions and of course questioning all the relationship norms that I used to hold so dear.

After more than 8 years dating, both monogamously and non monogamously, I have a strong resume that has assisted many people find a passion in their dating lives. Helping people find their own happiness, and assisting them to put their best foot forward when meeting new people is always the goal. I love watching people succeed in life and relationships, and now with this site I am available to you, to coach, train and offer resources to ensure that you have the best chance to attract the right fit for you and your life, whatever your style may be.

Each person is unique, as is each relationship, so let me help you show off your best side!