About Krys

A little bit about me.  I was originally certified as a life coach, after pursing anthropology, history and of course a little Indiana Jones inspired archeology in University.  However, I very soon realized that this was not my passion and spent the next decade pursuing a career in management.  But throughout this time, I kept current in dating, relationship, and communication building and finally had my eureka moment.  My passion was people, and helping them excel in relationships.

I have done extensive research in the areas of both monogamy, and non-monogamy so I am well versed in a wide spectrum of relationship norms.  Breaking Away From Relationship Norms got its name because I believe that every relationship is unique.  That there is no cookie cutter way of approaching new people or dating.  I want to work one on one, or with couples, to help them define their unique wants, and needs in their lives.  No book or advice column can offer universal insight into a couples dynamic, that remains personal and varied.  I love the variation of relationships and I aim to help you find your voice.

So please take some time to explore my site.  I offer online dating videos, blogs, reading list, and of course information on how to begin a one on one consultation with me.

After more than 8 years dating, both monogamously and non-monogamously, I have a strong resume that has assisted many people find a passion in their dating lives. Helping people find their own happiness, and assisting them to put their best foot forward when meeting new people is always the goal. I love watching people succeed in life and relationships, and now with this site I am available to you, to coach, train and offer resources to ensure that you have the best chance to attract the right fit for you and your life, whatever your style may be.

Each person is unique, as is each relationship, so let me help you get the relationship you deserve!