A Natural History of Love (Book Review)

Are you ready to learn the history of love and improve your dating game or current understanding the evolution of attraction? Do you love learning through poetry or have interest in the science and neurophysiology behind your desire to cuddle? Then might I recommend picking up a copy of A Natural History of Love: Author of the National Bestseller A Natural History of the Senses” by Diana Ackerman (Which you can purchase directly through my affiliate link above!) Where as my last book review on Why Gentlemen Prefer Blonds is a fun and simple read, this delves much deeper into the emotional, while still maintaining strong scientific support.

This book began as a beautiful journey through historical literature in all things love, including dandies throughout our past and the impact they had on relationships and women. Then it shifts to the erotics of love, and delving into our love customs. It’s a beautiful and inspirational journey that I highly recommend. It definitely has its base in science, but is portrayed in an elegant way, surprising you at the end about how much you have learned in the process.

Because of the rhythmic nature of the book I rate this an easy read for those well versed in reading poetry, and a moderate read for those who are not (which is the group I fall into).  So pick up your copy today for some before bed reading or perhaps in a relaxing bubble bath!

Stay tuned for the next review geared to help you date, love and succeed in relationships!

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