Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blonds? [Book Review]

This was one of the most surprisingly informative reads of my summer (click on the link to purchase)!  Not only was this book a simple and fun read, filled with humor and clever stories, it was incredibly well researched and study supported.  Written by a biologist, Jena Pincott’s writing style allows you to read from cover to cover, or just scan through and read the parts of interest to you.

And what may you find in that? Well, if you’re single, it will explain the biological triggers for attraction from auditory, to oral, and of course visual.  If your in a relationship, it helps explain why your partner is the one.  Both by covering the clever ways our bodies choose who to procreate with, and the hormones and perhaps even pheromones that are present when selecting our forever mate.

But more than that, it is filled with tips and tricks to present yourself in the best possible light for attraction.  And seriously, who doesn’t need that from time to time, right?

A highly entertaining and informative read that I would highly recommend you pick up today (and there is a handy image to purchase from amazon right at the top of the page!).  So have fun learning about yourself, your prospects and even your partner if that applies to you, on a biological level.

Stay tuned for the next book review coming soon…

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