Online Dating Isn’t a Playground…

Whereby the game is simply to be noticed by any means necessary!  Have you ever opened a message with “hey” or  “how are you?”.  What about sending a funny meme online to a public forum just to get some conversation going?  Have you ever matched with someone, only to play the endless waiting game, hoping the person on the other end will message first?  How’s that working out for you?

Chances are it’s not, and that you’re still single.  And here’s why.  Online dating is saturated with people who don’t know how to use it.   The singles pool is filled with lonely individuals who are so frustrated that any attention is good attention, even if it isn’t (such as the dick pictures).  We become so frustrated that we are single we resort to the playground mentality of being thankful for any human interaction even if it entails being yelled at or blocked.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense when you think about it, but misery, depression and loneliness does some pretty weird things to our psyche.

Online dating if done correctly can be an amazing opportunity to meet people.  I met my partner on Plenty of Fish nearly 8 years ago.  And I have countless friends who are married and starting families all thanks to online dating.  And do you know what they all had in common?  They weren’t on there just to get attention.  They were there with intent and purpose.  Meaning, they thought about their messages before sending.  They envisioned the reaction they would get, and if it didn’t work (which is never does the first few times), they would re-evaluate, and try something new.   By putting the scientific method of hypothesis, experimenting, checking your results and then rinse and repeat until you get it right, many of my nearest and dearest are happily in love.

So stop playing games online.  Think before you type something.  Imagine the response you want to get, and dating with purpose and intent.

For an easy to use guide on just how to send that first message, and interaction download this easy to use guide today!  Or to book an initial consultation for one on one coaching please e-mail, (In Person and Online Sessions Available).

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