The Art of Seduction [Book Review]

Robert Greene has been my favorite author for well over 15 years and The Art of Seduction is one of the very few books that I have read front to back more than twice.  And also, why I chose to place a link to purchase right at the top of this post (from amazon)!  While the title may lead you to think this is a pick up book, the reality is far from it.  This book pinpoints, in historical and modern detail, something quite necessary, who we attract and who attracts us!  From rake to temptress and beyond, the author provocatively, describes historical figures who best exemplify each seduction type/personality.  It’s a completely eye opening way of viewing your romantic partners past and present, and more importantly what skills you employ in your own quest to find love.

I adore this book for a number of reasons, but my favorite moment was when I read the chapter that best described how I seduce, or flirt with people.  It’s an exhilarating rush, reading about yourself, and pinpointing the depth to which your personal reach can go, and the influences that seduction type has had on our history!  Luckier still are those who have employed more than one seduction type and can relate to a few different ways of finding love!

Why do I recommend this book to all the singles I coach so highly?  It is an in depth exploration of seduction.  It shows who gets the fire burning in our own bellies, and who we in turn do the same to.  It shows the power of flirtation, seduction and the positive ways you can employ this amazing gift to intrigue, fall in love, and most important, keep things interesting and passionate in a long term relationship!  Just writing this post makes me want to go and re-read it again!

To know someone else, you first have to know yourself.  This book hits the nail on the head when it comes to seduction and love types.  It is not a short read, but the way it is set up you can choose to go back to the anecdotes in the margins, or just skip to the chapters that you find most relate able.  So for anyone looking for some insight on their own personal sexual power, or seductive capabilities, I highly recommend The Art of Seduction!

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