The Game [Book Review] and Why This Book is Critical to Read in the Dating World

As a dating and relationship coach there is one quintessential book that every one of my male clients has heard of or read themselves, and that is The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists by Neil Strauss.  And after reading the book, I can absolutely see why.  So much so, that I encourage you to click on the book cover at the bottom of the page to get your copy off of Amazon today!  Inside the gold leafed pages are insights into a world where looks do not matter, in the quest to get laid.  All that is required is your unwavering dedication to the rule of Pick up and the games that lay within.   There is a formulaic way, for even those suffering from intense shyness or a complete lack of confidence to proceed into the world of women and start collecting digits.

The author delves deep into the secret society, becoming lost in the charms and basically becoming overwhelmed by the power unleashed by the seduction techniques.  And it is quite a journey, that requires complete dedication to the art form that masters before had created.  The art of seduction and pick up.

Now why as a dating coach would I recommend a book like this, considering I firmly believe in one on one coaching and a no one size fits all approach to relationships?  Honestly, because many of these skills and techniques if approached ethically and with the intent of doing no harm, can bolster a persons confidence.  By following tried and true methodology it takes away the fear of approaching a stranger.  It gives a script to follow, and what remains is a sense of accomplishment and a surprising feeling of “hey, that wasn’t so bad”.

And for all you ladies, I believe this book is valuable for you to read as well.  Knowing the tricks and techniques that men have employed over the decades is absolutely eye opening.  Men have ended careers in the pursuit of women, and this book shows exactly how they accomplished that, and why.  And if you’re like me, and ever suspect some guy in a bar used a pick up line on you in a bar, this book will most likely validate that suspicion.

So, pick up your copy today, and learn what some many before have learned before, that The Game is not for the feint of heart!

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