Once a Cheater Always a Cheater…?

This phrase has become so commonplace that I don’t think we even give it a second thought.  If a person has been cheated on, we use it to make them feel better.  If a person admits to cheating, it becomes the rationalization to never forgive, become distrustful and often times sever the relationship.  But is that really fair?  Has this term become such a cliche that we have forgotten that every single relationship and circumstance has its own story and more than that, 2 sides?

Let’s consider the young, dumb, horny teenager who cheated on their first partner when drunk.  Are they forever now burdened with the title of a cheater because they made a juvenile mistake?  Are they allowed to grow, develop and mature from the experience and possibly move on?  Or is it like the bad tattoo that must follow them forever?

What about women who after birthing 4 beautiful children has put on weight and her partner no longer finds her attractive?  Is she to be labelled a cheater for life when she in desperation found comfort from a co-worker that one time?  The one indiscretion that allowed her to go and face her family with a smile on her face for the first time in a decade?  She didn’t sign up for celibacy and at the same time does not want to destroy her family.  And she vows it will never happen again.  Do we believe her?  Or is she doomed to suffer and have her marriage crumble beneath her?

The thing is, labeling someone a cheater is never so clear cut as we want it to be.  If you have ever been cheated on, or have cheated in the past and you are having troubles moving on, I can help you move past the indiscretion and learn how to love yourself and others again.  It’s time to find forgiveness and become whole again.



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