The Origins of Sex [Book Review]

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This book, was not what I was expecting, and taught me so much about the evolution of our sexual laws, thinking, and how we have addressed sexual preferences throughout the ages.  While this book was a challenging level read (and you can purchase right through this handy link on amazon to support this blog) after about a third of the way in, I couldn’t put it down.

The origins of prostitution, and the ways the legal system tried to control it could have been a book in of itself.  And interlaced with this was how we have legally and through societal norms dealt with homosexuality, marriage, and the reformation of women.  What I found incredibly fascinating was this constant shift between males and females as seducer, and then helpless to the other ones wiles.  Our views of sexuality and gender roles have been anything but a straight laced evolution and this meticulously researched book offers nearly 80 pages of notes and additional resources.

So, why then endorse this on a relationship and communication building blog?  Quite simply, the more we know about the history of sex, and our attitudes towards our sexuality, the better prepared we are to handle what this modern dating world throws at us.  History is the very foundation on which we build our societal norms.  And knowing how we have failed at controlling prostitutes, women, and even pornography in the past is one eye opening way of accepting it in our future.  The more we control, the more we set ourselves up for failure, and the sexual revolution is no exception.

So, if you want to wow your next date with the real history behind The Origins of Sex, this book is now on sale, and is a incredible read!

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