And Now For a Brief Introduction

Over the past few years, I have seen a growing disconnect between our online interactions and those in real life.  With this has come a rapid increase in online dating sites and apps, designed to bridge a gap between the web and the real world.  If any of you have used a dating site in the last few years, you may have felt, as I have that it actually feels as if we are further removed as a result.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to just get out and meet someone special.  The online dating world has changed how we find meaningful connections.  It is a world in of itself, with rules, social norms (or lack there of) and do’s and don’t s of its own.  This can feel for many very overwhelming and navigating these rough seas is increasingly difficult for many.

This is where I come in.  After over 8 years of dating, and navigating these waters both in monogamy and non-monogamy I have found techniques that work.  I have helped numerous friends and family create online profiles that are effective and make the best possible first impression.  I have worked with newly divorced and separated friends re-gain their confidence and get back into the dating pool.   And I have loved every minute of it.  And now I want to help you.

With so many online dating sites out there, it may be difficult to choose one or two that will give you the best shot at finding what you want.  Not all sites are created equal, and neither are the people on it.  And the reality, is that some people just aren’t cut out of for online dating at all, and I can help with that too.  Finding groups or social clubs and gatherings that will allow you to meet new people, increase your social skills, and start meeting people that are mutually compatible.

Each relationship is unique, as are the people who encompass it.  That is why there is no tried and true method for dating that works across the board.  I believe in personalized coaching and one on one’s whenever possible to ensure that you get real value when starting or continuing on your dating journey.

Of course let’s not forget that dating should be fun.  Getting to know new people should be a meaningful experience that hopefully you remember with fondness rather that apprehension and anxiety.  Connections matter, and real emotional interactions are what make the human experience amazing and unique.

So please reach out, and let us work together to create a plan of action that suits your time and budget and ultimately helps you reach your goals!

I look forward to hearing from you!





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